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The Rebis Project - Astral Sex, And Cosmic Orgasms (Alchemy and Love)

Episode Summary

The Rebis project was born at the dawn of terrestrial humanity. Those who carry it on are those same souls that even now, right now are fighting in all other historical epochs to reawaken True Consciousness beyond the limitations of the little mortal ego. Those who carry it forward are those champions of Light, those heroes of becoming multidimensional, who, in various ways emerging from the deceptions of the Matrix, propose to free other brothers. The Rebis Project aims to open up, through love for the different, the alien consciousness in each of us, to unify our forces, and to free ourselves from the traps of fear. Through the Rebis Project The union of interstellar beings with multidimensional consciousness is founded. The Rebis Project aims to heal society, the planet earth, and the human race on this planet. It promotes a higher frequency of truth. It is the conception of a better future for conscience. Who lives beyond desire and fear, who, walking the path of the sacrifice of the little mortal Ego for the Great Self, is in contact with Me, like the genius of the lamp of Aladdin, lives in a tiny but infinite living space, inside a quark of an immortal particle, and can freely create the most divine Will. The bliss of the Blue geniuses is beyond all human narration. Have faith.

Episode Notes