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Sunbow Truebrother - The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Earth Ambassadors Cooperation

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Greetings of Peace to all my relations, Since some have wondered and asked about who has been channeling this Sasquatch message, I accepted to write a short bio to introduce myself to my Human Family. My Spirit Elder Kamooh told me to finish first to transmit their message and then write some words about myself for my people. As Kewaunee wrote, this book is not about me but about them. The life of a man is but a blade of grass on the prairie, weathered away by the winds of time. Lakota Holy Man Black Elk (Wicasa Wakan Hehaka Sapa) said that the life of a man finds its meaning and significance in the teachings and wisdom learnt along the way, which are worth sharing and passing on. Our ultimate purpose and raison d’être is to help consciousness to rise to higher levels of spiritual understanding. So, although I’ve been working on an autobiograpy since 9 years, with over 300 pages written and about two third through, entitled (in French) ”Contemporary Shamanic Journeys”, I’ll write here a short account of the most relevant events. I was born in Montreal, in a French Canadian family with Métis ancestry. The first Native legend I ever heard when I was 8, from my brother who had heard it in a summer camp, was about the Wawaloo, a derivative of Babaloo, as the Hairy Forest People are called in Maine. We had never heard the word Sasquatch back then, but it was only a few years later, before my teenage, that the Patterson footage came on our screens, with other revelations such as Von Danniken’s Chariots of the Gods, awakening my interest in Star People, hidden archaeology and paranormal phenomenons, and raising questions that my christian or academic education could not answer. Before I turned 17, I left for my first tour of Turtle Island (N. America), which became a pilgrimage in search of spiritual understanding, through churches, temples, ashrams and connections with Mother Nature. The first fall, a medicine man I met instructed me into doing a vision quest, in which I encountered my first spirit guide. Although I didn’t understand what was happening then, I felt deeply that Native ancestral teachings held many answers. The following summer I went to my first Rainbow gathering, opening my heart to a Universal Family. This two year pilgrimage culminated on Hopi land in the spring of ’83. Just before reaching there, I spent a night in Petrified Forest, where I had a vision of a Sasquatch who sat nearby and showed me how it was when he walked with the dinosaurs. I first thought I was reading the etheric memory, but he interacted with me, so I then thought he was an astral ghost; I didn’t understand at the time that they are interdimensional beings able to manifest on different planes. Looking back, the meaning of many past steps are just becoming clear now, at the light of the communications I had with Sasquatch recently. On my first visit to Hopi, I was welcomed with warm hospitality, received teachings, was gifted an eagle feather from a ceremonial dress, and saw my first kachina dance. Through the years, I returned over a dozen times, thrice as guide for groups, did fasts and visions quests, met Elders, received teachings, and was adopted in April ’87 by the Coyote Clan (Isau) of Hotevilla, who made me chief of the pipe (Chongmongwi), gave me my Hopi name in a kachina ceremony in the kiva, and spiritual knowledge to carry. To them and for all those Elders, teachers, guides and allies, I am forever grateful. Among the Hopi Elders I visited in their homes, five deserve special mention: 1) David Monongye who was in his last year among us, aged 117. 2) Thomas Banyacya, whose life mission was to fulfill the prophecy and open the doors of the House of Glass (UN) to Indigenous Peoples (Hitsatsinom), which he accomplished in 1992, 500 years after Colombus. 3) Oswald White Bear Fredericks, one of the main source for the book of the Hopi; he was compiling and explaining petroglyphs from around the continent; he was the last Human representative in the Council of Star Elders, who landed on Prophecy Rock behind his house to pick him up for flights; he had a collection of old space ship parts in is yard. 4) Titus Qomayumptewa, one moon before his journey to the ancestors, as he had just completed the Song of Purification, calling the change from this 4th to the coming 5th World, coinciding with the birth of Miracle, the first White Bison of our generation, whom I went to visit the following month in WI, leaving a pipe with her. 5) Martin Gashweseoma, who returned to the Spirit world this last spring 2015; he was the keeper of the Fire Clan sacred stone tablet, with the missing corner that is to be brought back by the awaited True Brother, whom Martin told me he knew he would meet during his life time. The name I was given at birth is not as relevant as the spiritual names I was gifted on my healing path. In winter ’84, on a vision quest in southern Mexico, I was surrounded by singing angels, and received the name SunBôw as my medicine shield, while learning about the Rainbow warriors prophecies. I have kept using this name since in ceremonies and writings, but most people know me simply as Bô. With years of travels and ceremonies, I received and carried several other names, but used mostly the following in ceremonies: in Hopi, Owai Kweolnitaka DawaOutah Lelen Hoya (the-man-with-the-burden-of-the-stone SunBow signing-one); in Anishnabe Mowin (Algonquin language), Assiniinitshich Kobomonam Idissiinan Kinosh Mowegan (Little-Stone-Man charged-with-the-stone Talks-with-Wolves. In spring ’85, on a vision quest in Algonquin Park, Ontario, where a woodsman friend had Sasquatch encounters, I stayed alone for ten days on a summit, which he has called since Bô Mountain. I felt strong telepathic presence and the akashic records were opened for me for the first time, showing me pages of past ages history, starting with Lemuria, later confirmed by many sources, ancient or modern. In summer ’86, on a quest in Hopi land with four friends, a flying city mother ship flew around us twice. Of over thirty sightings of spaceships I’ve had, this one remains the most impressive so far. The next fall, in northern California, I heard my first physical Sasquatch run along the valley and stop to release a primal scream that silenced the barking dog and froze my blood. I know since then they exist. A month later in Mt Shasta, I observed several space ships, one that flew close over us, at my request. In the last tree and a half decades, I have traveled in 20 countries of the Americas and Western Europe. I was blessed to sit and learn, receive teachings and take part in ceremonies, with many Elders from several Native Nations, including Hopi, Dine/Navajo, Apache, Anishnabe/Algonquin, Cree, Métis, Ojibway, Attikamek, Abenaki, Miqmak, Maliseet, Innu, Innuit, Wampanoag, Mohawk, Cayuga, Tuscarora, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Sinixt, Similkameen, St’at’imc, Tseil-Waututh, Ditidaht, Shoshone, Chumash, Huichol, Aztec, Zapotec, Olmec, Maya, Bribri, Nazca, Quechua, Aymara, and Chipaya, to name these. I also studied and learned from other spiritual teachings, like Vedic scriptures. From the Lakota, I did an Inipi (sweat lodge) with Seloh Blackcrow, who brought back the Sundance; he asked me to watch over his pipe for the night. In Pine Ridge, David Swallow invited me to put up my tipi and join in ceremony, but sadly my traveling partners had no time, so I gave him an Earth flag. Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr is a great Elder doing an amazing work internationally for the Earth and the Indigenous Peoples. I joined in his ceremonies at the World Unity near Grand Canyon in ’94, at the celebration on Burnaby Mountain for the victory in stopping a pipeline last fall, and this spring at the International Indigenous Gathering in Lillooet, where he invited me and I had the honor to sit in the circle of pipe carriers, where he carried Crazy Horse’ sacred pipe (Tasunke Witko Canunpa Wakan). I could share in this circle of Elders the pipe I was gifted to carry, following five previous sundancers, and on which I added some hair from a White Bison she-calf named Prophecy, born in Québec in 2005. The co-host for my interviews on Prophecy Keepers radio last spring carried hair from the same bison, out of all odds. After having carried several pipes, this one was gifted to me by its 5th carrier in June 2010, and consecrated at the annual solstice pipe ceremony with Elder William Commanda who smoked it. Two months later, at the Call of the Wolf, Return to the Sacred Hoop, an international medicine gathering with Elders of over 20 Nations, that I organized, during our peak ceremony, which was joined by more than a dozen of events on the five continents, a second White Bison was born in Québec, the little brother of Prophecy; he was later named Majeki Cawabishish by Elder Commanda. It would be too long in this short account to list the many Elders, ceremonies and events that have guided my life path. One who deserves special mention is William Commanda, with whom I learned for a dozen of years. A great Peacemaker, known as the Elder of Elders and of the Rainbow Prophecy, he worked for six decades in peacemaking, teaching healing, gathering medicine teachers through his Circle of All Nations, A Culture of Peace, the 7th Fire of the Prophecy, of which he was the caretaker. Inspired by his teachings of the 7 Fire Prophecy, I started in spring 2008 the Ironwood Log Project, to document Native wisdom on audio and video files, to be shared with a wider audience and archived for future generations. Grandfather William gave his blessings; I made my first film with him and he asked me to present it, as the first film ever projected at his gathering, on giant screen, in front of a large international audience. Since then, Ironwood Log has produced dozens of videos, many available online. Our bank of archives, enriched with contributions of over 20 collaborators, reaches nearly 2 Tb. This initiative is the blessed outcome of many years in transmitting wisdom from the Native Elders, which has always been my main source of inspiration. My first publication in ’85 addressed Hopi Prophecies and the critical situation with mining in Big Mountain, for a support group I had gathered. With time, I developed my skills in writing, publishing, multi-media editions and networking, through newsletters, articles, magazines, books, videos, web pages. From ’92 to ’94, as co-editor of the magazine we created, entitled (in French) ”Full Earth, Native Visions”. In the late ’90s, with my own publishing house by the name ”Éditions Manitou”. In December 2009, I started a Facebook group with the vision of gathering Peacemakers, wisdom keepers and Earth protectors, to organize the Call of the Wolf, near Wolf Lake, Anishnabe homeland. First called ”United First Nations for the Great Law of Peace”, the group adopted its actual name at the gathering, after 8 days of ceremonies and council with the Elders. ”One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace” is still a dynamic network, with over 21,000 members. I have been involved as well for decades as an international focalizor for the Rainbow Family, having attended 55 gatherings to this day and scouted over 20. I took part in a similar number of Native events, gatherings, or pow wows, and stayed in dozens of Native and alternative communities, meeting allies, and being instrumental on occasions in building bridges between Native Elders and Rainbow Family. From ’94 to ’97 in Europe, I shared teachings and ceremonies in a dozen of communities and a few gatherings. I contacted two dozens of environmental and Native rights associations overseas, gave radio interviews, and published documents. I had an appointment at the UN in Geneva as a journalist, to interview a representative of the International Decade of Indigenous Peoples, that had just started. In France, I translated the conference of Dine Matriarch Roberta Blackgoat, and helped form a Big Mountain support group. Months later, ten Europeans flew back with me from Paris to Arizona, to spend a moon on Hopi and Navajo lands, bringing offerings to the Elders, who welcomed us warmly. In summer 2000, a Rainbow Native brother asked me, at the request of the Elders, to invite a delegation of the Rainbow Family to the Midewiwin (heart medicine society) lodge. In the 7 Fires Prophecy of this ancient Anishnabe medicine society, at this time of the 7th Fire, a New People comes from the four directions and four colors, seeking the wisdom left behind; their steps take them back to the Elders. If the New People and the Elders persevere together, the sacred ways return, bringing healing and an age of Peace and balance: the 8th Fire. The Anishnabe Elders told us to bring to them people from all races and continents to fulfill this prophecy, inspiring me the vision for a World Rainbow with them. After sharing this vision in councils, we sent delegations to the World gatherings in Brazil and Costa Rica, where I opened vision councils with the talking stick I had been carrying, presenting this vision. We reached consensus with the support of local Native Elders, and the World Rainbow was held on Anishnabe homeland in August 2004. Grandfather Commanda and many Elders recognized the Rainbow Family as part of the New People of the Prophecy, when four rainbows appeared above us. The last book I published in 2002, was an anthropological novel describing traditions and legends of over 20 Nations of the North-East, entitled (in French) ”The Keeper of Sacredness, Odyssey on Turtle Island”. When I offered it to Elder Commanda, he looked through it and stopped at a drawing of Sasquatch; he pointed at him with a smile and said ”Misaabe”, as the Anishnabe call the Hairy Giant. I had made the drawing from imagination, without any idea that the following fall 2003, my friend and I would have a clear visual sighting of Sasquatch on Vancouver Island, returning from ceremony with a local Native Elder. It was not until recently that I found out it was Kamooh, who became my teacher. After this second physical Sasquatch encounter, I had no doubt of their existence and became curious in discovering who they are. Research on the internet didn’t provide much valid info, other than a few rare precious Native legends and knowledge from cultures that have interacted with them for generations. It would be too long to list here the teachings, connections and sacred experiences I was blessed with. My Hopi Coyote Uncle had instructed me to go back to my native lands and connect with the tribes and Elders there, which I did. He also told me to return to the land of my Native ancestors, which I finally fulfilled in summer 2014, when I visited northern Saskatchewan and found the grave of my ancestor. This opened new doors for me, by reconnecting with my roots on the start of a new journey. Arrived in BC, I read legends of local tribes about Sasquatch, known by many names. This reawakened my interest in connecting with those beings, as I felt a strong call and paranormal manifestations occurred around me, without me really understanding what was happening. Six months ago I met Kamooh, and since, the Sasquatch Spirit has been with me, manifesting in many ways, and transmitting this message. Hopefully, this brief account will answer questions and leave you well informed of this Spirit channel. We are hollow bones, blessed with the breath of life, to heal our Soul and help consciousness to evolve. The message matters more than the messengers, truth and wisdom do not only belong to their carrier. Having been guided by our Elders to connect with other Sasquatch communicators whose messages resonates with the ones I’ve been asked to transmit, confirms the source of inspiration as our Elders. I am your Little Brother, as my Elder Brother calls me, aiming to be True to all my relations, to all life. Walking on the sacred Red Road, the spiritual path of the Rainbow warrior, the Hopi way of Peace, following the guidance of our Elders, for the best interest of all my relations and the future generations. May our circles unite as One Family in the Sacred Hoop, the Cosmic Order and the Divine Peace…

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