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About Steven Fox Ph.D. I am a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience. I recovered from MS around 2006 after fifteen years of purgatory. Part of the reason I improved against all odds was my fascination with dreams from which I frequently received direction. To recover from a major illness like multiple sclerosis, one has to throw everything that you can at it which will include both Eastern and Western practices. My blog is drfoxblog.com. An interview of the author is at http://shrinkrapradio.com/?powerpress_pinw=3071-podcast I am pleased with the reaction to my book which includes the following endorsements: "A fascinating exploration of the mysteries in the playground of the unconscious. Dr. Fox's book has already helped me to help my clients understand themselves in a whole new way by diving into the deepest parts of themselves and to discover their own answers to the problems of their lives." - Dr. Carmen L. Lucia, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Shakespeare's Hamlet said "to sleep, perchance to dream" and Mama Cass sang "dream a little dream of me." Steve Fox' new book would have made good reading for either of them. An extensive review of principles of dream interpretation gleaned from years of clinical practice. Recommended. Martin Boxer, MD A video describing and explaining "Dreams: Guideto the Soul" is at https://goo.gl/photos/hBx2AggjYGDw5ER99 I am a psychologist in private practice and you can visit my blog at drfoxblog.com

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