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Stephen Gray - Having a New Perspective Using Cannabis, Psychedelics, and Meditation

Episode Summary

About the Author Stephen Gray is an author, editor, event organizer and speaker, and ceremony leader. He has been deeply involved with spiritual practices and sacramental (psychedelic) medicine work for over 40 years, including Tibetan Buddhism, the Native American Church (peyote prayer ceremonies), and ayahuasca. His first book, "Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality" was published in 2010 by O Books/John Hunt Publishing. His second book, "Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer's Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally" was published in December 2016 by Inner Traditions • Park Street Press, a leading publisher of works on these sacramental medicines. Mr. Gray is the editor and a contributor to the book, in which he and 17 influential voices of the modern cannabis movement (Julie Holland, Kathleen Harrison, Chris Bennett, Steven Hager etc) reveal the potential of “the people’s plant” to enhance a wide range of spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, creative work, etc. Stephen's latest book, continuing in his role as editor/contributor, is "How Psychedelics Can Help Save the World" with 26 influential contributors. This book is also with Inner Traditions and will be published in November 2022. It 's available for pre-order as of May 2022.

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