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Shelli Joye - Tantric Psychophysics: A Structural Map of Altered States and the Dynamics of Consciousness

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About Shelli Renée Joye Please visit my webpage at www.shellijoye.net Fascinated by science, I built my own HAM radio station at age fourteen, and during my last year of high school won the Northern VA Science Fair for constructing a working Linear Ion Accelerator. Entering Rice University on a physics scholarship, I found myself most interested in electromagnetics and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering, hoping to go on for a PhD. Shortly before graduation, however my worldview was forever changed by several experiences under the influence of psychotropics:my first eye-opener was under the influence of LSD in the summer of 1967 on a California beach at night south of Big Sur, and the second major experience occured at night in the remote countryside of central Texas near Austin, and thereafter I became increasingly interested in the physics of consciousness. For several years thereafter I worked with John Lilly in his interspecies communication work, and built my own isolation chamber for contemplative exploration. I entered graduate school at the California Institute of Integral Studies after learning of its methodology integrating science, classical mysticism, and consciousness studies. After receiving an MA in Comparative Asian Philosophy, I married another student and moved to Saudi Arabia where we lived for twenty years, rearing our son and daughter. Since returning, I recently completed a doctoral program. Dissertation title: The Pribram-Bohm Holoflux Theory of Consciousness. My home is a cedar cabin near Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park in far northeastern California where I practice contempation, hiking, reading and writing. I have property in Assisi, Italy, where I hope to restore a 12th century church in Gualdo di Sopra, a small valley just north of Assisi.

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