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Sharon Delarose - Nordic Aliens and the Fairies of Ireland: Through the Wormhole...

Episode Summary

About Sharon Delarose Investigative mythologist and UFO experiencer Sharon Delarose dedicated the 2013 book “Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands” to “everyone who believes that extraterrestrial life exists on the other side of a wormhole, and that ancient alien astronauts visited us in the past… We are not alone. We have never been alone.” Sharon undertook what became a mission to research and bring to light the true history of the Nordic Aliens who came to Earth all around the world triggering the Bronze Age. They terraformed Earth to make it habitable again after a great flood. They cleared out malevolent giants who terrorized humans. They taught us everything from veterinary medicine to meteorology to road-building to navigating by the stars. They built the first schools and libraries on Earth, and assisted humans in every imaginable way as we shifted into a new and gentler way of life. They also intermingled with us and produced the Heroes of ancient history — a word whose meaning has long since changed. The result of this research is the 9-book Nordic Aliens series being published in December 2019, but this was not the beginning. For Sharon it began in the late 1950s when as a toddler she encountered the Alien Greys who became lifelong visitors into her sphere. When your encounters begin at such a young age, you do not ask what just happened or wonder at it, for you it becomes the normal. Oh it’s this again. You don’t realize that your experiences are different from everyone else’s. Sharon also encountered the Nordics though she didn’t recognize it at the time, not being aware of their unique traits. It wasn’t until she began to research the Nordics that she realized that she’d personally seen them, and heard their birdsong language, and witnessed their ghost-like pallor and protective suits. Sharon’s 2012 personal experience book, “Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions,” is an introduction to her early encounters with the Greys, but one intriguing entry involved a woman in a “ghost” suit, a “ghost-woman” who asked for volunteers. This is a common description given for at least one species of Nordics. When Sharon volunteered, she found herself in a bookstore in the “antique books” section, as part of the UFO event. Subsequent experiences that she did not share involved encyclopedias, more libraries with antique books, using these books to research a book that she was writing, and publishing a book that incorporated Christianity with UFOs and extraterrestrials, though she wasn’t writing such a book at that time and did not until 25 years later. The Nordic Aliens series combines narratives from around the world including the Christian god and his sons, the angels, Greek gods, Celtic gods, Norse gods, Native American gods, Hindu gods, and those of China, Persia, Africa, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and beyond. Earth’s extraterrestrial history is a jigsaw puzzle and everybody holds a few pieces. It is not until you put those pieces together that the truth comes to light. Our ancestors knew the Nordic aliens as kings, queens, neighbors, teachers, and wonder-workers of magic, and yet we remain skeptical in spite of the multitude of UFOs flying the skies. Our ancestral legends are so out of this world, that to accept them is to acknowledge ancient astronaut theory. Studying extraterrestrial history may be the key to understanding our extraterrestrial future. — December 8, 2019

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