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Russell Sturgess - From Fool to Enlightenment: Hidden Keys of the Cathars...

Episode Summary

Introducing Russell Sturgess From his teens, Russell demonstrated an understanding of agape (unconditional 'God' love) that defied his age. His upbringing saw him channel his passion into complementary health and religion. By age 32 he was married with four children, serving as a lay minister, and running a highly successful rural natural-therapies practice. Fifteen years later he was divorced, very over weight, had walked away from his successful practice, as well as the church of his upbringing. His world had well and truly fallen apart. Despite all of this, providence continued to expand Russell's understanding of agape, it was just that his ego was hell-bent on being aligned with wealth, power, love, and success. By age 50 Russell was finally meek enough to 'inherit the earth' (humus which inspired the word humility). When the student is ready, the teacher appears. There was a gift in all that Russell had been through, and it was being coalesced into knowledge, understanding and wisdom that inspired him to create the Enhances Awareness Program and more recently Agape, a dialogue with Russell Sturgess.

Episode Notes