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Robert Lindsy Milne - The Psychic School of Hard-knocks. From the Streets of Toronto to World Renowned Psychic..

Episode Summary

About Robert Lindsy Milne For as long as I can remember I have sensed things. At first feelings and vibrations in my immediate surroundings. As I grew older I was able to perceive and sense real and identifiable energy and vibrations from the people I encountered. By the time I was 9 years old I discovered my life’s calling. I didn’t know what it would be called, but I knew what I was going to do. My father was a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan and like all red-blooded Canadian boys I wanted to be just like my dad. My dad wanted me to have the opportunity he missed. He wanted to play in the NHL. We often went to the Toronto Leafs games. One Thursday night in March of 1958, Toronto and Boston were in the Stanley Cup semi-finals. The series was tied at a game each and the score of the game was 1-1 at the end of the 3rd period. When the teams came on the ice for the first overtime period, I was immediately drawn to number 17 Gary Eiman… I knew he was going to score. It was so real to me, I jumped up and started cheering… In my mind the Leafs had won the game. The biggest problem was the game hadn’t started! I was yelling and cheering. Unbeknownst to me, the building was silent but for my cheers. My father put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Settle down.” It was then I realized nobody, not even Garry Eiman knew he was going to score. It was at that moment in time, a light turned on…”Other People Think Differently Than Me” About Robert Lindsy Milne The referee dropped the puck. The first overtime period began. A few minutes later number 17 hopped over the boards on to the ice, the puck was passed to him and all of Maple Leaf Gardens erupted with cheers for their winning team… Garry Eiman had scored the winning overtime goal. I sat in awe and wonderment. My life had changed with the drop of a puck. 18,000 people were cheering, light bulbs flashing all around me…it was ( to the awareness of a 9 year old) welcoming me to my life’s calling.

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