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Patrice Krysztofiak - Medical Intuitive Readings

Episode Summary

My Story In 2019, i ran into a traumatic event with my small business, I got sued for a website that didn’t respect regulations and risked a huge fine that a one person business would never be able to pay. I reached a point where, every day for almost a year, i didn’t want to wake up anymore. That is when I started meditation, then one day, i entered into the light, I was completely surrounded by love and light, I was laughing so hard. This was the beginning of my awakening process. Then slowly over time, everytime I hugged someone, shook their hand or had other contact, I began being able to see inside their bodies, much like viewing an x-ray.I could actually see their mood, their true selves, and eventually their disease and warn them about it! Then I would receive messages about what to do, like “go see this specialist”, this would optimize their health journey because people would go see the right practionner immediately.. I totally embraced this journey of self discovery, and after months of practicing this skill, I was able to do this without actual physical contact! Today this gift has expanded to being able to “see” without distance limitations, therefore can be done remotely from any location, to any location. I was also guided to use my abilities, i.e., energy scanning/reading in a fully lucid state at night! It’s like working a double shift! Hence, the name “Night Shift Guy.” I would receive dreams in full HD about what was going on inside the sick’s person body, with such precision that it was undeniable that everything was true.

Episode Notes