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Monique Rebelle - Kundalini Awakening a Comprehensive Explanation of the Chakra System...

Episode Summary

About Monique Rebelle: Monique Rebelle was born in Warsaw, Poland, to a family of actors. She left Poland on her own as a teenager, beginning her "starving artist" existence in London, then moving to Amsterdam. For about a year, she also lived and worked in Paris. Her paintings from those years were done in a neo-expressionist style. She participated in numerous art shows in the Netherlands, and one of her paintings was purchased by the Royal Dutch collection. After moving to the United States and settling in Los Angeles, an epiphany experienced in 1988 made her art shift into a new, non-objective direction. In 1992 she experienced an even more profound, life-changing occurrence. Her recent book, "Transcendence Calling," describes that experience and its results. She subsequently moved to Maui and then to the Virginia Foothills near Reno, Nevada, where she lives and works today, painting in non-objective and sometimes figurative styles. Monique is an avid skier and inventor of a patented device for skiers and hikers.

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