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Mark Ireland - Study of Psychic Mediumship and The Afterlife...

Episode Summary

I'm just an average guy whose father happened to be a deeply spiritual Minister and also one of the top psychic mediums of the 20th century. I did very well in the business world, but forgot what was most important until I lost my youngest son, Brandon. The pain of his passing drew me back to explore my roots and to reconsider why we are here. I remembered how to "connect" and started giving the spiritual aspect of my life equal billing with the material side. In addition to my day job I also became an author. I had some remarkable experiences and penned them in a book called "Soul Shift," which was released on July 15, 2008. My story shed light on evidence that physical death is not the end and also spoke to the importance of the life we are living now. I subsequently published a second book, "Messages from the Afterlife", diving more deeply into the subject matter covered in my first book, tackling topics such as rigid skepticism and religious concerns over such matters. I was also honored to be able to publish a book written by my father, the previously unreleased "Your Psychic Potential, A Guide to Psychic Development"

Episode Notes