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Joyce Anastasia - Ancestorial Wisdom and Healing...

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About Joyce Anastasia Joyce Anastasia, MA/MFA, is a transformational leadership consultant, multicultural counselor, educator, writer and visionary activist whose lifelong passion is to inspire new ways to lead by wisdom, co-creating a more peaceful, resilient and loving world. Joyce is also the founder of LeadByWisdom.com, an organization whose mission is to develop and expand leadership training that encourages people to explore their relationships to Power, Truth, Integrity, Wholeness, Balance, Miracles, and heart-centered Manifestation and Transformation — for themselves and the world. Deeply connected to All That Is, Joyce has been guided throughout her life to serve humanity for the greatest good, to honor all beings and to assist others to evoke their greatest gifts, to communicate with deep respect and gratitude with all others, allowing the mysteries of life to naturally emerge. Although Joyce has received two advanced degrees and numerous certifications, her greatest understanding comes from her exposure and life experiences with wisdom keepers and beautiful "ordinary" people throughout the world. Joyce travels internationally as a transformational leadership consultant for individuals and groups, providing teaching, training, and facilitation to invite "Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times."

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