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Johnny Cirucci - Illuminati Unmasked! Who are they? Why do They Exist...

Episode Summary

Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci didn’t get much out of college. To this day, his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is barely worth the frame it hangs in. He didn’t know it then, but it’s by design. “Higher education” is a machine that needlessly bleeds the common citizen and uses the teachings of sexual deviants and card-carrying Communists to take America’s children from their parents. But one thing college did do for Johnny was teach him how to argue and debate. From astronomy to sociology every “professor” found an excuse to bad-mouth America and/or Christianity. Not being one to sit still during such tirades, Johnny usually stood up and spoke up. Combined with extreme disinterest and youthful laziness, this gave Johnny spectacularly mediocre grades. But Johnny learned how to use facts, references and citations to defend himself and his beliefs. It was almost worth the $50,000 he and his mother went into debt for to go to “University”. Johnny found an in with the University paper and began writing political opinion columns. Again, this was good practice. Johnny struggled for several years trying to find his way. The divorce of his parents and an abusive upbringing added to the chaos. Johnny attempted to pursue a career in the military but was a late bloomer. He dropped out of college and joined the Marine Corps. Lacking maturity, he took an administrative discharge from Marine Corps bootcamp in the late 80’s. Johnny continued to struggle but was determined to right the failures of his past. With his mother’s help, he scraped together the funding he needed to return to the out-of-state college he had dropped out of. His attempts to rejoin the Marine Corps were less successful, however. Again and again he was denied admission. Johnny was a non-practicing Catholic while in college. He was always warm to the Gospel but found the Bible to be dry and confusing. A friend of Johnny’s tricked him into attending an Evangelical church, promising him that it was a good place to meet girls. He didn’t get a girlfriend, but he did get a radical change. After hearing the teachings of Pastor Skip Heitzig, Johnny was a changed man. A short time after that, he made a miraculous breakthrough with the Marine Corps and was given a waiver to return to boot camp. He finished this time, at the ripe old age of 27, and graduated from college soon after. But Johnny still hadn’t found his way. He elected to do 4 years in the Marine Corps Reserve and, when he petitioned to go full time and become an officer, he was denied due his age and he left the Marine Corps upon honorable completion of his obligation of service. Johnny was managing a furniture warehouse when 9/11 took place. He immediately called his old unit but they were not bringing in personnel on “Inactive Ready Reserve”. Two years went by. Johnny kept his writing muscles strong by researching the Bible and composing tracts that he handed out. They were actually more like term papers but no one ever accused Johnny of doing something half-way. When Johnny met a 39 year old about to get his commission as an officer in the Navy, he decided to give up on the Marine Corps and try other services. Against All EnemiesHe joined the Army in 2003 and attended Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. Johnny then married a girl he had met in a Christian chatroom from a far away state and they lived together in Oklahoma. Still outspoken and opinionated, Johnny began blogging on the internet to express his opinions about religion, politics and movies sometime around 2004. Unfortunately for him, the Army stuck him in a job he hated, despite his excellent resumé. He was miserable for the next four years and chose to leave Active Duty rather than continue. Johnny attempted an end-run on them all by joining the National Guard in order to do a job he liked. It was in the service of a state governor, not the president, that Johnny was then called up for a deployment to Iraq. The deployment to Iraq changed Johnny greatly. His already strong distrust of authority was pushed even further as he saw how everyone on all sides was victimized by the so-called “War on Terror.” Iraq’s destroyed infrastructure and suffering people left a mark on Johnny. Even the animals suffered, on top of their low place in muslim society. It was the suffering of the innocents and the vulnerable that truly bothered Johnny. Johnny spent $1,000 just to bring a single scarred cat home with him against orders. When Johnny got home, he began to think that the people running America, her government and her military weren’t just selfish incompetents, they were America’s real enemies. The election of Barack Hussein Obama confirmed this for him. Johnny’s blogging began to take a different turn. When he realized that “Conservative” pundits refused to play hardball with Obama, he began to question and distrust them, too. When those same pundits openly accepted the death fable of Osama bin Laden, Johnny turned entirely from “Conservative” media and plunged himself into “alternative” media. His inside military information confirmed for him that the bin Laden raid was far from kosher. Johnny began writing and researching about “forbidden” topics. The word “false flag” soon entered his lexicon. There was a radical change in his work from when he started to today and he continues to gain knowledge by digging in unorthodox places. When one of Johnny’s columns on the so-called “Illuminati” got him modest success, he decided to cover the subject in his usual, meticulous detail.

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