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Jim Willis - The Human Egos Role in the Destruction of our Society and Planet..

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About After graduating from the Eastman School of Music, Jim Willis was a high school band and orchestra teacher during the day, a symphony trombonist on the weekends, a jazz musician at night, and a choral conductor on Sunday mornings, before earning his Master's Degree in religion and entering the Protestant ministry for forty years. The author of twelve books on religion and spirituality, he served as an adjunct college professor in the fields of world religions and instrumental music while working part time as a carpenter, the host of his own drive-time radio show, an arts council director, and guest lecturer, speaking about topics ranging from historical studies to contemporary spirituality. His teaching career produced both the comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia of religion, The Religion Book and Armageddon Now, written with his wife, Barbara. Concern for spiritual growth in contemporary society prompted his book Faith, Trust & Belief, while his love for long-distance bicycling led him to make several cross-country bike trips and inspired his biking trilogy, Journey Home, Snapshots and Visions, and Savannah: A Bicycle Journey Through Time and Space. Upon retirement he was determined to confront the essential spirituality that has inspired humankind since the very beginnings of time. The result of this quest is chronicled in his books, The Dragon Awakes: Rediscovering Earth Energy, Ancient Gods and Supernatural Gods. His recent books include Lost Civilizations, from Visible Ink Press, The Quantum Akashic Field, from Findhorn/Inner Traditions, and Hidden History: Ancient Aliens and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization, also from Visible Ink Press. ​ A frequent contributor to podcasts and radio shows both internationally and nationally, including George Noory with Coast to Coast AM, Cliff Dunning with Earth Ancients Radio, Rex Bear with The Leak Project, The Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold, Exploring the Bizarre with Tim Beckley & Tim Swartz, as well as Cosmic Questions with Cheryl Costa, Energy Stew with Peter Roth, Rafa Martinelli, Dark Sun Rising and others. Recent interviews are listed on Jim's YouTube channel, as well as on our Features page. Please use the contact form to schedule an interview.

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