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Gerard Aartsen - Aliens Assisting us to Prevent Destruction of the Earth and the Transition into the Age of Aquarius...

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About Gerard Aartsen Gerard Aartsen (1957) is an author, speaker, researcher and educator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has a Master of Education degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he mentors students in their teaching practice at secondary schools. He has also been a lifelong student of the Ageless Wisdom teaching, which holds that the universal manifestation of Life through the evolution of consciousness moves toward ever greater unity. In the human kingdom this needs to be given expression by living according to the Golden Rule to establish right human relations. Gerard is the author of several books about the extraterrestrial presence, which he sees as further evidence of the evolution of consciousness and the universal manifestation of Life. In his books he takes the accounts of the original 1950s 'contactees' as a starting point, dating as they do from before the time when the narrative about ET visitors was contaminated by deliberate disinformation to contain the growing public interest in their calls for international cooperation during the Cold War. He is the first to explicate a method for qualitative research into claims of contact. Gerard's books have been translated and published in multiple languages and his articles have appeared in magazines around the world. Gerard is a frequent guest on international radio shows about UFOs and related subjects, and has lectured about his work in America, Europe and Asia. Gerard's many years of study and research resulted in two online references (websites): Our Elder Brothers Return - A History in Books (2008); and George Adamski - The Facts in Context (2019). For more information, see bgapublications.nl. (Photo credit: Prins Nagtegaal)

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