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Cat Baldwin - Forgiveness Workshop From Higher Self/Spirit

Episode Summary

‚ÄčLife as a child in an alcoholic family created eating addictions, anger issues and emotional harm that would impact my choices for the first 40 years of my life. Co-dependency issues resulted in one disastrous relationship after another. My physical body, being emotionally ravaged would not release body fat as I struggled for 30 years to lose 30 lbs. Migraines 3 days per week, high cholestrol and exhaustion were the results of years of unhappiness. Through healthy organic eating, essential oil supplementation, and immersing myself in knowledge and education through personal results, I have healed my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. The past 25 years of my life have been devoted to helping hundreds of people do the same, In February of 2015, I was in a near fatal accident. Sitting at a stop light, I was hit at 55 mph and spun into oncoming traffic. I spent 32 days in the hospital with a severe head injury and 6 back fractures. Within 3 weeks after leaving the hospital, I was on a path to full recovery. At 63 years old, my healing is nothing short of miraculous thanks to my personal knowledge in the healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spirit body and of course, my unwavering faith in Spirit. I am a Senior Graduate of Landmark Education which has provided me with valuable tools for living a life of possibility, free from personal constraints and fixed ways of thinking and being. It is my commitment that you are personally nurtured and given the tools and highest level of support to achieve your personal greatness. I look forward to being with you soon! Let's have FUN, returning you to your incredible divine self, filled with clarity and confidence!!

Episode Notes