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Candice Sanderson - Crystalline Grids and Light Pyramids, More Than Coincidence...

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Candice M. Sanderson “Candice Sanderson takes us on a journey that in times past was reserved only for initiates laboring in the secret confines of mystery schools. But this book demonstrates that what was once available only to a select few, is now happening spontaneously to ordinary (and sometimes reluctant) people. It is a harbinger of things to come. If you want an advance glimpse into the next stage of human evolution, read this book!" ~ Paul Rademacher, former Executive Director of The Monroe Institute and author of A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe. INTRODUCTION In ten minutes, my life changed forever. My comfortable six decades of living became unrecognizable. Change brings different perspectives, and I soon discovered I questioned everything I knew, or thought I knew, about life. Before that August morning, I epitomized normalcy—others might have called my life boring. I went to work each day, came home, read a book, and talked on the phone or sat in front of some sort of electronic screen. My life revolved around my work and my children. In 1987, at the age of thirty-five, my husband died, and I was left to raise my son and daughter by myself. Both are now married with children of their own. Phillip works in the music industry and lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and Cassie lives just a few miles away from me in Naples, Florida. As I look back on my life then, nothing appeared out of the ordinary—not in the way I dressed and spoke, or in my habits, work, friendships, or thoughts. As a psychologist, I differentiated normal from abnormal, and my life represented nothing but the commonplace. On August 28, 2013, a brief experience changed everything. The foundation of my belief system cracked. I had to suspend my assumptions about the world to make room for different truths. As a result, I careened off life’s comfortable, and perhaps mundane, path. I now view the universe quite differently. Looking back, my life before that ten-minute experience seems as if it belonged to someone else. ● The Reluctant Messenger: Tales from Beyond Belief - Order Now ● The Reluctant Messenger Returns: An Unexpected Adventure Into the Angelic Realm - Order Now "This book is instantly approachable and ultimately satisfying as an exposé of what it means to be human on this planet at this time, in this age."

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