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Anadi Martel - The Physics Behind the Healing Power of Light and Sound Therapy...

Episode Summary

BIO: Anadi Martel is cofounder of SENSORTECH. Having been interested in electronics since an early age, he continued his studies in physics during which time he became interested in light. It was in India that he discovered its beneficial effects, especially through its capacity to generate states of consciousness which are found in meditation. For a period of 40 years, this physicist carried out research on light and its applications, having developed new devices integrating light, sound and touch. A number of these inventions have been patented such as the Light Modulation process, an integral part of the Sensora and SensoSphere systems which, through their action on brain waves, have a beneficial effect on health and well-being. Anadi Martel is the author of the book Light Therapies - A complete guide to the healing power of light which was published in 2018 by Healing Arts Press.

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